Team Construct : The price of fossil energies is increasing all the time. Its importance in the family budget makes life harder. Sources of gas and petrol are inexorably depleting.

Team Construct : The amount of thermal energy contained in the ground is limitless. A heat pump provides a very efficient way to recover it. Its principle is the opposite of a refrigerator. A fluid "pumps" heat from the ground and delivers it into the home. The only energy used is electrical energy. Each kW of electricity generates about 3 kW of heat. This system can produce additional energy savings in comparison with our other systems. In any event it generates no waste and is easily integrated within a new house.

Team Construct can assist you, produce case studies and propose the best overall solution for your home.

Team Construct : Don't hesitate to arrange a meeting with our sales team to evaluate the design and construction budgets. They will explain the bonuses and tax reductions that apply to this system.